You must use Google docs to write out the plan.

In this project, you will work with your feedback partner to develop and assess your collaboration fluency. The purpose of this exercise is to develop collaborative fluency for some type of problem that you will plan to solve while using online tools. The problem may be a real world project, or one you create from your imagination. You must use Google docs to write out the plan. Use the example in the text to help you create your problem, but do not copy it. You must use online digital media and communication tools to organize the collaborative project. You will develop your own plan, then your feedback partner will assess your project according to the collaborative fluency quiz on p. 74 of your text. The results of the feedback will be placed at the end of your google doc with the name of your feedback partner, and the date. You will use the collaboration fluency process in Chapter 8 of our Literacy is not enough text. You may use graphics, images, video, whatever you like, but you must include the following elements and use digital and communication media to plan: The Process Establish The group Roles and responsibilities norms defining the scope of the project information needs leadership group contract Envision Defining the problem Defining the current situation Defining the desired future Specifying the information needs Identifying the information that is available and what is needed educating the rest of the collective developing a written plan of action: what, how, when, where, and who Engineer Breaking tasks down into steps Delegating responsibilities Execute In this case you will likely not actually execute your plan, but you can deliver a theoretical solution, as described in your text. Examine Discuss what you think would go well, and where problems might lie in your solution to your problem. Invite your feedback partner to assess your plan/solution using the collaborative fluency quiz.

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