Write essay 4-5 pages about On the Identity of evil based on three acrticle and three poem.

Write the essay 4-5 pages based on three article one is “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” by Oates, second is “Sexually Journal of Sexual aggression” by Zelda knight’s and the last one is “The Search for Wisdom” by Saturday,10/3/2009 by Devin44 also based on three poem one is “Say You Love Me” by Molly Peacock, Second is “Crystal Gazer” by Sylvia Plath and the third one is “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning’ which is attached by me in the attachments. Please pick the best quote in article and poem and also when you took quote than make sure you analyze the quote that how is connect to my paper which the topic is Identity of Evil. In article which I highlighted most please also use that for quote and analyze it and when you took quote from poem please I want that from my original poems which attached by me in the attachment not from some other one which you did on my last paper those quote is not from my poem I don’t know where those come from . Make sure you work cited properly in all article and the poems. See the grade rubric for English 102 class because which you did my paper before I only get C in all paper. I also can write the paper if I want C grade but I don’t that’s why I pay you so I get good grade in this class. Make sure is plagiarism free. Most important my Thesis should be strong and related to my paper and also the strong conclusion.

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