Women’s role in society

A great deal of debating goes on concerning the role of women in society. How is it that in today’s world, where everyone preaches about the value of equality, women still do not occupy the same social, economical or political position as men do? Women try relentlessly to mark their presence outside their kitchens and laundry rooms, yet in the same relentless manner they are being reminded of the true calling of their nature, which limits their perspective for a much more fulfilling life. Whether women ever stood equal with males on a physical and intellectual level in the eyes of society we don’t know. Sure, in every era there are heroic and powerful women, but although equal of men, they became his inferior due to pregnancy, birth, etc., forcing them to look to men for protection and economic assistance This dependency, especially economic dependency, became the basis of women’s slavery, which often existed, and still exists, after the dependent condition was long gone. In almost every family a man would be the sole provider for the entire family, and although this task comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, it gives males a sense of power. A such established thing was then hard to abolish and became very troublesome, for it was only a matter of time when women wanted to break free from this system. Women tend to blame men for their position in today’s society, but they cannot be blamed individually. Women’s role was accepted as a condition, a chain of customs and traditions when woman was a male’s property. Throughout the ages women were perceived as emotional, deceitful, illogical, vain, and weak-minded, all of the characteristics desired by men who wished to limit them. Over the years that stern view has toned down to a desired ideal of a feminine woman. The change in women’s position within the last 100 years has been a great one. Several movements fighting for female’s rights have been born and through t…

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