Why movies help us understand books

There are many reasons why movies today have made the comprehension of books easier. Ever since the invention of motion picture about a year ago, movies have been in great demand. There are many reasons why this is, and I will discuss a few of them. Movies are a lot less time consuming then books. Novels are usually written into hundreds of pages and can take weeks and months to finish. During this amount of time you might not remember everything that has happened in the beginning, so you may not even understand the book. As for movies, they can be finished in just a few hours at the front of your TV. Therefore, if we have read a book then we can use the movie as a reminder of all the events that occurred from the beginning to the end. A lot of novels have been written in the past and use a form of language that is difficult to understand. Some examples of these kinds of works are Shakespeare, Dickens, etc. If we watch the movie then we can understand the story by letting the action of the film determine what they are trying to say. It is difficult to do this with books because there is no form of visual aid except your own imagination. Books have lots of characters, and it is difficult to remember a lot of them. In a film, even if you cannot remember their names you can distinguish them by their physical appearance. So you can keep in track of the story instead of being lost in the middle. A lot of times when books do a change in scene I do not realize it until something seems strange and I have to re-read through the parts I’ve already read. With movies you always know when there is a scene change because you are going to see a different place or different people talking. This can help you better understand the story. These are just a few reasons why I believe that movies help us better understand books. Books are an important part of lives and we should keep reading, but next time there is a book you don’t understand…

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