why many Christians oppose abortion?’

An Essay on “why many Christians oppose abortion?’ Abortion is the premature death of a foetus and its expulsion from the womb. The Abortion Act says that a woman can have an abortion for three reasons. The first one is if the baby is not capable of surviving outside the mother’s womb. The second is if two doctors agree that it is needed for a good reason and the third reason is if it is carried out on registered premises. Many Christians oppose abortion. One reason for this is that the unborn child has a right to be protected. Another reason is that abortions can go wrong and can leave terrible mental or physical scars on a woman. They use the Bible’s principle of the Sanctity of Life to support their views. This means that life is a gift from god and should be protected as it is precious and special. This Bible reference helps to explain the Sanctity of Life: “So God created human beings making them to be like Himself.’ There are a number of different reasons why some Christians would allow an abortion. One reason is if the pregnancy is a result of rape and the other reason is if the woman has a mental or physical disability preventing her from looking after her child. They would base their views on the principle in the Bible that God gives us free will “? who are we to take it away from someone. “Jesus invites us to live a full life.’ What kind of life awaits a severely brain damaged foetus? The Bible gives principles to guide people “? people apply these principles in different ways. People have to apply the Bible’s teachings and principles to modern times and they might come up with different answers. Sometimes, the principles seem to conflict with each other e.g. The Roman Catholic Church and The Church of England both follow the Bible but have different views. They get their references from the Bible to back up what they believe in. The Roman Catholic Church believes that procured abortion…

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