Why is it that nearly 30 percent of college freshmen have to take some type of remedial class?

Unprepared Graduates Why is it that nearly 30 percent of college freshmen have to take some type of remedial class? These extra courses are costing Tennessee tax payers millions of dollars a year to keep up and running. Some students would say that they do not take test well, despite making A’s and B’s in every Math or English class in high school. Some students are just not ready for basic college classes. In the near future, those that do not score high enough on certain test will find themselves with no chance of going to a four year institution until they complete the required remedial courses. The question is why are some high school graduates have to take remedial classes? There are three reasons why I think students have to take some type of remedial class. I think that high school athletes are put on a pedestal and teachers find themselves giving those students grades that they really don’t deserve. Next, some schools do not have classes that help students prepare for the act or sat test. The last reason why students are not ready for basic college classes deals with the lack of teachers in certain school systems. The first reason why some high school students are not prepared for college is some students are given more slack by teachers on the subject of doing and turning in 2 Work. Some athletes are given special privileges by teachers when it comes to turning in work and reporting to class on time. At some schools athletes are given a chance to turn Work in late just because they had a ball game the prior night. Sometimes athletes do not have to turn in any major work at all; therefore they are not learning as much as the other students in the class. My sophomore year their where five football players in my English class and they hardly did any work. The star running back was one of the five players that were in the class. This guy should up late to class every day and …

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