Why does Huck have such a complicated morality when it comes to helping Jim?

Use this checklist to giver yourself a tentative grade, so you know what to revise before submitting your Critical Essay. 1. The introduction has an engaging hook(Example: connection to a film, tv show, or other story. -10 IF MISSING 2. The paper has a thesis statement: this piece is about ___________ because of literary element 1(paragraph 1), literary element 2 (paragraph 2), and literary element 3 (paragraph 3). -20 IF MISSING 3. The draft offers at least one quote from the poem/short story per paragraph. -5 FOR EACH ONE MISSING 4. The paper contains at least one quote from a source for each thesis reason. -5 FOR EACH ONE MISSING 5. When quoting sources, the author introduces the concept being discussed in one sentence, quotes the source in a second sentence, and explains the quote?s meaning in a third sentence. For more information, see the ?Quoting Sources? powerpoint in the ?Critical Essay Resources? folder in Canvas. -5 FOR EACH TIME THIS IS NOT DONE WITH A QUOTE 6. The draft has two sources that are used in the paper?s body(not just the introduction and conclusion). Use the directions for Journal 7 in the ?Critical Essay Resources? folder to find sources. Be sure to have a total of four sources by the final draft. -10 FOR EACH MISSING SOURCE 7. There are NO hanging quotes which are quotes shoved into the paper without an ?According to? part. -5 FOR EACH HANGING QUOTE 8. Does the writer use ?you? or ?I? throughout the paper? If so, circle each time these words appear so they can be deleted. -10 IF USED THROUGHOUT THE PAPER ASIDE FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE 9. Does the essay cite the author?s last name and the line numbers which are quoted from the poems? For example the poems states, ?I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach,? (Browning 2-3), and or According to Browning, ?Let me count the ways,? (1). -10 IF NOT DONE CORRECTLY 10. ?A Rose for Emily,? ?Tell Tale Heart,? and ?Lady or the Tiger?? are SHORT STORIES and should not be referred to as ?poems.? When you quote them, give credit to the author and title of story. For Example, (Poe, ?Tell Tale Heart?) -10 IF NOT DONE CORRECTLY 11. The essay conforms to MLA format. Top left corner: Name, Mr. Molina, English 2328, and date month year. Top right corner: Last Name and page number. -10 IF ALL OF THIS IS NOT DONE CORRECTLY 12. The essay is double spaced. -20 IF NOT DOUBLE SPACED 13. The essay has a perfectly formatted Works Cited page. -50 IF MISSING FROM FINAL DRAFT. IT IS A PAPER REQUIREMENT.

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