Whistle Blowers–The Heroes

Whistle Blowers–The Heroes Most whistle-blowers who expose workplace wrongdoing face some form of retaliation. Many of them usually get fired after reporting unlawful conduct, and others faced on-the-job harassment or unfair discipline. The human resource managers can alleviate or eliminate these problems by establish a program to protect whistle blowers and also by create a atmosphere that won’t tolerate concealment and distortion of information, or discourtesy to and harassment of whistle-blowers. A program can be one with a help line, training, and ethics seminal, conducts employee surveys, and deals with questions about the ethical behavior of leaders and employees alike. Educate all managers and executives about business law and ethics, and encourage and protect whistleblowers. Whistle blowers should be compensated for exposing firm/corporations that is doing illegal acts. I am supporting my answer with the following: Whistle-blowers are the society’s only protection against dangerous violations of law. They expose violations and crimes equal to those committed by career criminals. Some of those crimes are waste, fraud, abuse, and threats to public health, often at great personal risk. Not to mention the money laundering, inside trading and others. As the act of murder, many of those crimes are classify as immoral, and a felony. Because murder is an immoral act, one cannot have an obligation to keep a secret a plot to murder someone. Therefore employees have a legal, and moral obligation to report an employer who has committed or is about to commit a felony. When heroes go public and blow the whistle, they life are over in term of a businesspersons. In better words “they commit a career suicide”. We all have been seen a few career suicides in the past 10 year, don’t we? Citizens that turn in felons are often rewarded. Whistle blowers should be compensated for exposing employer that commits illegal act…

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