Which soap can make the biggest bubble?

Bubble-ology Purpose: Which soap can make the biggest bubble? Hypothesis: If we use dawn soap and blow a bubble then it will be the biggest one out of all the soap. Materials: ???ú 3 different brands of dish washing soap- A, B, C ???ú Distilled water ???ú Graduated cylinder ???ú Beaker ???ú Stirring rod ???ú Tape measure ???ú Clean drinking straws ???ú Glycerin Procedures: 1. Mix 5ml soap solution A, 50ml of distilled water and 1 drop of glycerin into a 250ml beaker. Mix with a stirring rod. 2. Pour some but not all the soap solution on your lab table and use your hands to rub the soap on the table about 40 cm in diameter. 3. Take a straw and touch a small bubble on the surface and blow into the straw until the bubble pops. 4. With the tape measure the diameter of the ring that was left by the soap bubble. Record the diameter in cm on data sheet. 5. Repeat until you have done 3 trials. 6. Repeat the process for soap solution B and C. Repeat steps 1-5. 7. Clean up your table and area. Data Chart: Soap A Soap B Soap C Trial 1 18cm 15cm 18cm Trial 2 25cm 15cm 12cm Trial 3 17cm 14cm 13cm Average 20cm 14 2/3cm 14 1/3cm Analysis Questions: 1. State what you think is the scientific problem being investigated in lab. The scientific problem being investigated in this lab I think is which soap can make the biggest bubble. 2. According to the data, which soap brand made the largest average bubble? Were your predictions correct? In my data it showed that the Ivory soap brand made the largest average bubble. My predictions were incorrect. 3. What conclusions can you make about the price of the soap and the size of the bubbles? What is the basis for your conclusions? Is there any correlation? I don’t know how much each soap brand cost but I think that the more expensive the more larger the bubbles will be because the companies probably spend more money for more materials to make the soap. The more expensive…

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