Where is Papricot?

There was a time in England when dragons, knights, unicorns, queens and kings existed. There was this city near Lake Cecrol named PAENDREOL. This city, PAENDREOL, was big and prosperous because of its abundance of sheep. From the sheep they obtained and cut its hair to make ropes. The people that live in this city where like elves, with very big bodies and very brilliant green eyes. Also had long and thin fingers in their hands and their feet were small with long and pointed toes. But there was some peculiar people that born every one hundred years. These people were normal except for their hands, feet and their head. Their hands were like apples with very thick banana’s fingers. Their heads were like blue tomatoes only that bigger. And their feet were big and blue. In that city lived a man that had a very deep past (he was a normal man). He was very different from the others. He was naturally from a far away city (from there it was almost at the other side of the entire continent). Here is where our story starts. When all in Earth was war, but war for lands. In those times existed a very powerful men and warlocks. Warlocks ruled the ancient world. Men and monsters (magic creatures created by witches and warlocks) in the chaos of war fought to have the control of Earth. Their worlds were very different but one world wanted to control the other world. There was a baby named Neptlecratus. This baby was the son of the most villain and powerful warlock in the world named “Youdare Death” but his real name was Papricot Equinoxis. Papricot, in addition of been the world’s most powerful warlock, he was the leader of an army called Daredeath army and nobody can defeated them. The only ones that can gave orders to the army were the creatures that hold the Conalibolt stars. The Conalibolt stars were made of a very rare mineral, much more rare than platinum, called Conalibolt. This army was fighting in a …

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