When you make a mistake admit it, If you don’t you only make matters worse.

“When you make a mistake admit it, If you don’t you only make matters worse” “? Ward Clever This quote is explaining the concept of denial and how if a person doesn’t admit when they are wrong a limit to learning is placed on life. Denial is a strong thing that many people find their selves in, and before long get into serious trouble with. When a person refuses to admit they are wrong, lies soon are all they have to rely on to prove they are right. The more lies a person tells the less of a person they become. Many teenagers today find themselves lying in order to stay out of trouble with either parents or the law. Soon he or she runs of lies must face reality and suffer a more server punishment, where as if they would have admitted a mistake then the punishment would probably have been less. Also when a person fails to admit a mistake the truth is over looked. An example of this is like a person who cleans house a certain way and never changes routine. It could be faster to clean a different room first, but these people limit themselves to a whole different way of life by not trying something different. This quote is a hundred percent true, so many people have limited themselves by not admitting a failure he or she has made. By admitting a mistake a person wants to research and prove how to fix it so they can be right. Ward Clever was right for telling his son this statement he proved himself as an understanding and loving father. Beaver Clever was not by far a perfect son and neither is America’s youth for mistakes are how youngsters learn right from wrong. All it takes to learn the truth is admitting a mistake. …

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