When we think of Zion, the first think that comes in to my mind are Enoch and his people.

When we think of Zion, the first think that comes in to my mind are Enoch and his people. Zion is the city of God and even today there are many places that regarded as Zion such as temples and chapels. These are gathering places establish to shelter those that are worthy of keeping God’s commandments. For in Moses 7:18 says that the Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and one mind, and they were in righteousness for there was no poor among them. As in today, the principles of Zion, having one and pure heart and mind indicates that if I keep the commandments and avoid the temptation with the least possible of affection, everyday I will be getting closer to Godly behavior. Having a new birth requires spirit, water and blood. This is for the remission of sin and repentance in the state of mankind. As in the past, the earth was baptized with water as in the days of Noah. This applies to our lives and families. It reveals the imperfect state of man and ways to make it possible to live with our Father in Heaven. There is no cost of living as a righteous saints in these last days. We can bring Zion into our lives and families in different circumstances through living holy and righteously. We can live as the people of Enoch and benefit from the blessing of it. We can build home and applies Zion to our families and there is no way Satan has on us. …

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