What is Paintball

Paintball What is Paintball? Well paintball is a game played by two teams, both trying to eliminate the others’ teammates. In order to be eliminated you must either be shot with a paintball on your marker or yourself or they can “bunker” you. That means that they get within ten feet of you by running across the field to where you are playing. Whichever team that eliminates the other first wins. However in tournaments the games are a little different. They sometimes play capture the flag, which means whose ever team, gets the flag in the center of the playing field and runs it to the opponent side first wins. While some people like to argue whether or not paintball is a sport or a recreational game, I believe it is a sport. Anyone can play this game. It doesn’t matter if you are six or sixty. As long as you can take the risk of getting hit by a paintball then you’re all good. Paintball is great because you learn many things from it. First off is teamwork. Teamwork will help you throughout your entire life work with other people and grow successful. Your hand and eye coordination also betters it self from playing. During games you’re using different strategies and practicing your skills. Not only that but you can work up a real sweat while playing so it’s also very good for keeping you in shape. You must run around, hide, and dive all over the place too. Many people also think that this game is very dangerous and that kids should not be playing it and also that it symbolizes war. Well in a way its does kind of symbolize war but so do many video games, the only real difference is that this is played in real life. However there are many safety precautions taken into place when playing this game. The most important safety feature in this game is the mask. The face mask is designed to protect your eyes mainly. Its basically like ski goggles but with much stronger lenses to withstand the pressure of a paintball hitting…

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