What is organizing as it relates to management?

What is organizing as it relates to management? Many people might define it as hard, consists of a chain of commands, and assignment of responsibilities. Although, these answers are all correct, the lecture in week four states the organizing function is more than coordinating activities to meet goals that have already been established through the planning process. In my organization Human Resources, Monetary and Technology is very important to our sales team. Human resources are a very important part of our organization. For one, a person must be interviewed by the human resources department before being interviewed by any manager in my organization. Our human resources department handles all our important documents such as employee records. Those records could consist of performances records, hours worked, promotion opportunities, educational assistance, etc. The effort put forth by our sales staff is critical within our organization. When our human resource department look for individuals for our sales team, they look for self-driven to succeed personally as well as a team player. To help motivate our salesperson we offer both monetary and non-monetary incentives plans. As an organization we understand that although an individual maybe highly self-motivated there is still a chance that some members of the team may not be able to meet the job???­????s performance requirements. We will continue to provide the technology to for sales training that includes attending motivational seminars. We will also work hard to understand and to get to know the personal side of our sales staff. We will work with our supply vendors to provide business performance incentives. Each supplier will be scored/rated monthly to help understand positive areas, along with areas that are in need of improvement. The scorecard will consist of: “?h Ability to provide supplies/material. “?h Responsiveness “?h Quality “?h Other areas critical to our organ…

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