What are my personal goals?

MY PERSONAL GOALS What are my personal goals? After thinking about this for some time, I came up with four main goals. First is to take all the college classes I need in order to get my degree in the field of Accounting and Finance. This may take some time, but I am willing to put that time and effort into this because I believe it will help me in my current job and it will also help me in my own side business of doing federal and state income taxes. By doing this, I can improve on my writing skills, branch out into other disciplines, and increase my future earning potential. Second, is to pass all of these classes with at least a grade of “B” or better. This may also be a personal challenge because I don’t think I’m that good of a student. I was an average student in high school, got a few “A’s,” and mostly “B’s,” but really didn’t apply myself. I hope to change that this time around by studying and applying myself to all of the required classes. True, there will be some classes that won’t interest me at all, and I know those are the one’s that I’ll have to buckle down and apply myself in, but after all is said and done, I’ll be happier with myself for having done it. Third, is to graduate and finally get my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting and get a job in the Accounting and Finance field. By accomplishing this third goal, I believe I can advance myself in my current job to a level where I will feel comfortable enough to retire from the federal government in approximately 5 to 7 years with the equivalent grade of a GS-12. Considering I started working for the federal government as a GS-2 employee 24 years ago, and just a few years back would have been satisfied to retire as a GS-11, this is quite an accomplishment for me. I also believe getting my degree will increase my knowledge base tremendously and allow me the opportunity to start applying for those jobs …

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