“Well tell them it was an accident and then everything well be alright,” says Ben in Robb White’s book Deathwatch

Deatwatch “Well tell them it was an accident and then everything well be alright,” says Ben in Robb White’s book Deathwatch. Madec accidentally kills a man during a big horn ram hunting trip with Ben as his guide. Ben wants to report it but Madec keeps coming up with excuses of why not to. Ben’s pursuance of telling the officials that the death of the old prospector in the desert was an accident leads Madec to turn on him. Madec decides to leaves Ben in the Desert to die along with the prospector so nobody will ever find out. During the time that Ben spends in the desert he will use his wit to outsmart Madec and will learn how to use a precious value, patience. From the first moment that Madec tells Ben his plan of leaving him in the desert Ben starts to think about what his next move is going to be. Ben knows that Madec is one of the best hunters in the world and has hunted almost every animal; he also knows that it is going to take time and motivation to outsmart his adversary in this little game of cat and mouse. Ben starts to map out his area and knows that if he doesn’t get food or water he won’t live more than 48 hours. Though food and water are paramount his first move is to try to get back to the old mans body and take his clothes because Madec has deprived him of everything but his underwear. That is where he gets his first surprise Madec has taken the body the clothes everything and anything that could have been of use, Ben realizes that he’s not the only one thinking ahead. Ben know has to be patient sit in a secluded position and wait for an opportunity for him to move in on Madec even if means sitting in one spot for several hours. Ben’s wit comes in handy because it is the only way hell get a chance at escaping Madec’s prison. He finally has an idea he knows the prospector they killed had to have a camp somewhere near the location of his death. Ben begins his search for the camp, when he finds …

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