“We now have discrimination down to science.” However, Gatta

Discrimination “in the not too distant future” world no longer based on gender, age or nationality. People would not have prejudice, judgement or discrimination against races and society status. However, “we now have discrimination down to science”, in “Gattaca” directed by Andrew Niccol. Discrimination would base on one’s genetic profile at that moment, based at birth via blood sample. One of the main protagonists, Vincent Anton Freeman represented “in-valid” “utero” “faith birth”, showed us individualism pushed him overcome the adversity and drove to achieve his goals successfully, and even exceeded his potential. However, “Gattaca” also demonstrated that there would be no room for individualism in “Gattaca” where people belong as a result of blood test at birth. Therefore, without assistance from other people and self-improvement, individualism would not always win. “Gattaca” was a world with advance high technologies that created genetic discrimination. At the outset of the movie, the images of cold and robotic employees dressed as clones moved in and out, waited for finger print test to access “Gattaca” creating a sense of arrogant superior elites and very sinister senses of discrimination. On the other hand, from birth, Vincent was told that genetic technology has determined that he had “attention deficit disorder 89% probability” “heart disorder 99% probability” “early fatal potential” and “life expectancy 30.2 years”. Because of his genetic flaws, his family rejected him. His father, disappointed, refused him his name, and mother treated him as “chronically ill” child wrapped up in cotton wool. When his brother, Anton was born, conceived with the help of the geneticist with best potential and genetic enhancements, Anton had no doubt driven by his air of superiority and his parents’ clear favouritism toward him. His progress was happily celebrated by his parents…

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