War Throughout the Ages

War Throughout the Ages The Earth has been plagued by war since the dawn of human existence. Human nature is one of domination. Rulers throughout history have wanted to dominate other lands to increase their prestige and rank in the world. Reasons these wars have started were to obtain resources, increase their sphere of influence, and for defensive purposes. War has been caused by many different things, and still is today. Certain leaders throughout history have felt compelled to spread their nation’s sphere of influence. This includes imperialism and colonialism. People go and claim other countries for a number of different reasons. One reason is their need for raw materials, spreading their religion and political ideas, or just to become more daunting in the eyes of the world. An example of war resulting from a peoples’ desire to spread a religion is the Crusades, where Christians went throughout the Middle East and Europe trying to spread Christianity. From the 1880’s to 1940’s the world was in an imperialistic race. Countries such as Great Britain, France, and Japan were eager to divide up portions of Africa and Southeast Asia. The Pacific War resulted mainly because of Japans desire to expand its empire. World War Two in Europe resulted from Adolf Hitler’s belief in a superior race and that his superior race should be the only one to exist. The same can be said about the genocidal war in Rwanda. Revolutions due to bad ruling or colonialism also result in War. The British colonies in America in 1776 revolted because they had grown weary of being controlled by the monarchy in England. As Thucydides said: “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This statement explains a second reason for revolution to occur in a country. When a ruling party no longer provides for the lower and middle classes, those people decide to overthrow the government. This can be seen with the examples …

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