Walmart Marketing Strategies

Wal-Mart’s marketing strategies are based upon a set of two main objectives that have guided the firm through their growth years. The customer is featured in the first objective; “Customers would be provided what they want, when they want it, all at a value”. Team spirit was emphasized in the second objective, “Treating each other as we would hope to be treated acknowledging our total dependency on our associate “? partners to sustain our success”. I agree with Wal-Mart’s two main objectives. The customer objective includes giving the customer what they want at a reasonable value. The second objective covers the foundation of the company; its employees. Employees are the basis for success of the company and drive the day-to-day operations. Wal-Mart’s employees, feeling like associate partners, gives them a feeling of empowerment and pride that drives the company’s culture. Wal-Mart has launched successful marketing strategies that considered factors like social and environmental causes. The “Buy American” program was a Wal-Mart retail program that was initiated in 1985. The theme was “Bring It Home to the USA”. Its purpose was to communicate Wal-Mart’s support for American manufacturing. In the program, the firm directed substantial influence to encourage manufacturers to produce goods in the United States rather than import them. Wal-Mart used “green” marketing to offer its shoppers the option of purchasing products that were better for the environment. The products were better in 3 respects; use, manufacturing and disposal. The store provided signage that identified these products as environmentally safe. Wal-Mart felt it gave its customers an opportunity to do something positive for the environment. There were many changes to the external environment of Wal-Mart in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Industry analysts labeled these years as the eras of uncertainty. Increased competitive pres…

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