Waiting For Godot Mean Time and Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

This essay shows the similarities and differences related to the handling of time of three stories which are: Waiting For Godot, Mean Time, and Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. In Waiting for Godot, the author shows different ways of spending time. The purpose of the story is to pass time because the characters are waiting for Godot. In page 4, Vladimir asks to Estragon if he remembers the Gospels, who answers that he doesn’t, so Vladimir tries to tell the story saying that “it’ll pass the time”. This means that they have to wait, they don’t know how much, and if they don’t talk about something they’ll get bored and it’ll seem that time won’t pass. In page 8 is Stragon who tries to talk about something asking Vladimir “You know the story of the Englishman in the brothel?”. In the page 9 Vladimir asks “what do we do now (“?) while waiting”. Here they try to pass the time by doing something rather that speaking. This kind of things happens throughout the story, so the main intention of the author is to show that when there’s nothing to do time seems to be stopped. In Mean Time, the author centers the poem in season time with the first line: “the clocks slid back an hour” The clocks slid back an hour in Autum, due to her broken relationship with her partner, and this season has to do with sadness, depressions, deaths, loss. These feelings seem to be endless.The pass of time becomes very slow. “there are words I would never have said not heard you say” The author spends her time regretting what happened for them to break up, because that situation cannot be fixed as time cannot go back to let it happen. “But we will be dead, as we know, beyond all light” This line of the last stanza shows the inevitability of the pass of time, it’s something that will happen in one way or another. “These are the shortened days and the endless nights” The last 2 lines of the last stanza exp…

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