W5, A2: Project – Final Summary Financial Management for Nurses NSG4064

In this course, you have been asked to provide an analysis of a current Nursing or patient care problem which has an impact on the hospital?s budget. Specifically, you have described the problem, demonstrated a proposed analysis of the problem, identified the potential impact of the problem on the current budget and recommended potential solutions to the problem. This week, you will create a power point presentation, including notes pages to explain each of the concepts in depth. As you create this project, reflect on the various aspects of the budgeting process you have learned throughout this course and the feedback you have received from the facilitator on the individual parts of this assignment throughout the course. Be sure to reflect this information in your presentation. Grading Criteria Clearly identified a Nursing problem with a budgetary impact. (40 Points) Provided a detailed analysis of the problem. (40 Points) Provided a potential solution to the identified problem. (20 Points) Utilized sound budgetary principles in the development of the solution for the problem. (20 Points) Demonstrated an integration of information technology in the solution to the problem, including but no limited to advanced computer systems, electronic Health records and Nursing information systems.(20 Points) Provided a comprehensive list of references, including peer-reviewed publications. (20 Points) Slides and notes are well developed and easy to read. (20 Points) Utilizes APA style (which includes grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting). (20 Points) Total: 200 Points POWER POINT MAY JUST BE 3 SIMPLE SLIDES THEN THE REST WILL BE ESSAY

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