Various elements that come together to help create the story.

In the passage from “The Pupil”, various elements come together to help create the story. Henry James details the mocking of society’s precious social classes with the use of dramatic tones and verisimilitude among the character relationships. Feelings of inferiority, disbelief and arrogance sustain the story through the on-look of a third-person limited point of view. The excerpt’s situation is told in Pemberton’s thoughts of scrutiny towards the other characters. The relationships are acted upon by the rank each character portrays. Henry James creates Pemberton to be somewhat of a witty young man. Knowing his position under Mrs. Moreen and over Morgan Moreen, he does not possess the affluence that the aristocratic Mrs. Moreen contentiously has. Thus, his mind evokes lesser feelings of himself, and he charges her with the respect due an “expensive identity”. As for the relationship between Morgan Moreen and Pemberton, it blossoms from Morgan’s point of entrance into the narrative. A haughty tone is illustrated by the hardened stare given from pupil to tutor and the “cynical confession” directed at the mother from her son. Although James depicts the boy as sickly, Morgan makes up for his physical weakness in his intelligence. His mind is both his strength and character flaw. In the thoughts of Pemberton, teaching the boy how to address his mother would be the first tutorial given. Henry James demands a greater look at the appearance of upper society in his depiction of Mrs. Moreen. He challenges whether or not all is “what it seems” or if it is just a fake perception gathered by “sufficient” details. Mrs. Moreen is a poke at the outward illusion of what “the amiable American family” looks like. Her wealth is obtained from a French inheritance. Mrs. Moreen also conveys her image by the suede gloves she wears and being well feed and fattened. Disbelief is raised in Pemberton’s assumptions of…

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