make literature review about the Tuberculosis which include 1- Three Major cause of Tuberculosis disease X , Y, Z 2- Why there is an increase in mortality of rate between TB patents (why it is become deadly disease What is the reasons) 3- Two or three treatment show the most promise 4- What is the new vaccine for tuberculosis 5- Foreground general study claims/themes by turning them into heading and topic sentences. 6- Groups studies under relevant headings/paragraphs, using brief note to provide details as needed 7- The references Must be at least 15 research article 8- References must be between (2011- 2016 ) 9- Present Grid table for all references which include A- Author B- Journal year C- Subject / key word D- Sample E- Methodology F- Statistical Method G- Main Finding H- Finding relevant my Research A-Authors B-Journal year C- Subject / key word D-Sample E-Methodology F- Statistical Method G- Main Finding H- Finding relevant my Research 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10- Format literature Review 1500 words (not include Reference list) A- Introduction approximately 250 words introduce your research topic and briefly explain why it is significant or an important area for study what are the aim and objectives of the review ? Define terms if necessary. B- B- Main Body : approximately 1000 word introduce critically examine the literature. Indicate organizational structure within your literature review by using heading and subheading your literature review need critical examine the text related to your topic rather to just listed what You have located, therefore you must linke your topic rather than to just list what you have located .highlight the strength weaknesses and omission of literature ,providing a critique of the research. C- Conclusion : Approximately 250 words briefly summaries the major finding chosen .comment about what questions need to be still answered may be include. 11- Reference must be on APA style. Notat before 2011. (Old references not acceptable)

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