Traveling alone/tour Compare and Contrast

All travelers need to make the decision of traveling alone or with other people. When traveling alone instead of traveling on a tour you can meet more people, be self reliant, and have many chances to be spontaneous. Traveling alone and being responsible for your decisions and in control of your trip can lead to a more rewarding experience then traveling with a tour group. For instance, being alone forces you to talk to others who could be complete strangers. It forces you to be social and get into the mix with all the locals. Also traveling alone makes you self-reliant. When your alone you are responsible for your own hotel reservations and transportation. You will have to learn to deal with bad situations like theft, bad weather, or rude locals all by yourself. You will also have to be your own guide, nobody else is there to tell you what to do or where to go. In addition, being alone is a great chance to be spontaneous. You can make last minute changes, or change your whole itinerary. It gives you a great chance to do things you would not normally do like have dinner with a complete stranger from the street. Traveling with a group can be pleasant for some but it doesn’t allow you to make your own decisions about your vacation. For example, you do not really get to meet a lot of new interesting people. The only locals you talk to be the ones that are trying to sell you something. Traveling with others is just like being in a bubble, it’s hard to break out of that and do your own thing. You may be traveling around with others that may get on your nerves, but you can’t do anything about it. Also, traveling with a group you do not have to deal with bad situations at all. Being guided by somebody else, who makes all the reservations so you will not have to worry about hotels or transportation. Lastly, traveling with a group, everything is set up. The tour guide will make all the reservations and you will not have …

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