Too Much Love Could it be possible that someone could be suffocated to death by love and marriage?

Too Much Love Could it be possible that someone could be suffocated to death by love and marriage? In “The Story of an Hour,” Kate Chopin observes the life of a young, married woman during the nineteenth-century. The primary character in this story is Louise Mallard whose emotions range from grief to excitement. In spite of this, when Louise Mallard finds out that her husband is still alive, the thought of returning to her stifling existence kills her. Understanding who Louise Mallard is, helps explain why she can no longer endure her repressed existence and justifies the short story’s ironic ending. The beginning of the story introduces that Louise Mallard has some sort of heart trouble. Not only does Louise Mallard suffer in her medical and marital conditions, but she also poses a threat to herself. Everything that is said and done is in order to protect her from any sudden or extreme distress. Louise Mallard lived in a time when women had no choice other than becoming a housewife. They were to do everything that was asked of them by their husband. Women were considered inferior to men and were not liberated during the late nineteenth-century. They were expected to do all the hard work in the house. Louise Mallard is a young, frail, and oppressed woman that has to be told carefully about the death of her husband. “It was her sister Josephine who told her, in broken sentences, veiled hints that revealed in half concealing” (Chopin, 82). Louise is immediately hit with grief. She weeps at once and goes to her room to be alone. Everyone expects Louise to weep with agony, but instead she calmly sits down. “There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair” (Chopin, 82). Most people that have received the news of a loved one passing away would not behave so calmly. While sitting in her chair, she begins to stare through the window at the blue sky. She observes the nature outside. “She …

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