Tobacco should be declared an illegal substance.

Tobacco should be declared an illegal substance. This statement has existed ever since tobacco was introduced to our world and from my point of view should have been enforced into the law a long time ago. Tobacco is a terrible substance, which is contained in a cigarette. It is a deadly poison, which causes great damage to our health. This atrocious substance is legal in this civilized world of ours and I am helpless watching as loved ones suffer from its toxins. This must be stopped if not for our generation then for the future generation. My first point, which I cannot emphasize enough is the health risk the smokers face because of tobacco. We live in a modern society and we have the ability to make a difference. Many scientists have conducted studies and time and again come up with the proof of how harmful tobacco is on the human body. However even with proof their voices are unheard and ignored by the smokers. Without the co-operation of the government tobacco will not be easily abolished. The government knows how important the cigarette industry is and the consequences Australia would face economically. The real reason behind this is because they know they would lose vital support from the public. Many of them would be angry smokers. Neither party in the parliament is daring to take on the challenge of abolishing tobacco. Not only saving the lives of thousands of people in Australia, but also leading the world with many countries surely following our footsteps. It is no secret that people die because of smoke-related problems. One cigarette may seem incapable of causing health problems, but as you slowly smoke away these cigarettes there will be a significant change in your body. The change in the body will be felt and it will occur in many areas. When a person inhales the contents of a cigarette he has just allowed 4000 chemicals to enter his body and at least 400 toxic substances. 60 of which are known to cause cancer. …

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