To kill a Mocking Bird Essay

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and “Strange Fruit” by Abel Meeropol both share a common theme. In both these works set in the south of the 1930’s, blacks were being lynched. The whites didn’t give them a chance just because of the color of their skin. Racism can lead to violence and death of innocent African Americans. In To Kill a Mockingbird there are many of examples of Racism. One example is when Tom Robinson was in trail and accused for raping a young white girl named Mayella. Mayella use to call Tom Robinson over to help her when he use to walk home or to help Link Deas. She told him to come and help her do her chores. He was a kind, good-hearted person so he went to help her. Even though he did all of this for her, they still accused him of rape. Tom Robinson is a black man. None of the whites listened to him just because of the fact that he was black. In both works, there is also death. When Tom Robinson got shot and killed by Bob Ewell there was a big change in the book. In the lyrics it talks about “Black body swinging in the Southern breeze”. That shows that blacks were lynched and killed. Another example from the book is when Francis tells Scout that Atticus is a “nigger lover”. Scout gets really mad! Everyone in the town feels different about Atticus too because he is defending a black against a white. All the towns people think Atticus is going to loose anyways so they don’t bother with him. The two pieces show violence. When Jem and Scout were walking home late at night someone came and pushed Jem down to the ground. They tried to wring off Jem’s arm. Jem tried to save him self and run away, but he was not able to do so. Afterwards a man came to rescue Jem and Scout. Jem was injured so the man carried him back to their house. Neither Jem nor Scout knew who was the man. They found out later on that man that had came to rescue them was Boo Radley. That had been the first time they saw him. All of a sudden …

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