They spent the first ten years of your life making almost every decision on your behalf.

You’ve gotta feel sorry for them – your parents, that is. They spent the first ten years of your life making almost every decision on your behalf – from what you wore on your feet to what you ate for breakfast. Imagine how hard it must be to break a habit that’s lasted ten years. Probably harder than giving up cigarettes. So “overprotective” parents who refuse to let go, are just having a hard time adjusting to the fact that you don’t need them as much anymore. Whats normal? In normal families, parents allow for gradual independence. Discipline, rules, standards and expectations are applied differently as you age. In younger years children need a great deal of guidance and control in order to prevent serious and harmful mistakes from being made. But as they grow in maturity and experience, they are capable of making more choices for themselves. They can begin to deal with the consequences of their mistakes. All work, no play, no friends. I’ve have a friend from tutoring who is seriously depressed because of his overprotective parents. His parents have enrolled him in four tutors and he has is not allowed to go out. He is extremely overworked and overstressed and feels like he is about to “erupt”. His parents have him on a strict timetable by which his studying is based upon. He comes to tutoring every week in the same clothes because not only is his family poor, but his money is being spent on having him tutored. Whilst talking about girlfriends, he miserably stated “I will never get a girlfriend, but I might have a chance when I get my mole removed.” I kind of feel a bit Dr Phil, as he asks me what he should do. Firstly I tell him that rebelling is not the answer”?trust me I’ve tried it. The best arguement I developed for him is: Your parents protecting you from life now does not help later when you’re on your own. The goal of parents is to teach and show their kids how to be responsible adults. If they do not …

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