The ultimate warfare called Blitzkrieg was first used by Germany in the early twentieth century.

The ultimate warfare called Blitzkrieg was first used by Germany in the early twentieth century. Everyone was tired of the old trench warfare, and after World War I many speculated that a type of mobile warfare would be much more effective. The Germans tested this new-found type of combat during the Spanish Civil War (1936-38). This test proved that mobile warfare”?soon known as Blitzkrieg”?was a more suitable type of combat. The whole concept of Blitzkrieg is quite simple. The air force attacks their opponent’s front lines, rear positions, and main communication centers. Forces then plow through the weakened front-lines, and set up defenses to their rear to prevent retreat. Now, other infantry divisions will simultaneously attack portions of the front-lines preventing the enemy from knowing where the main force will attack. Their opponent is also confused because their communications have been taken out. Again, the front lines are unable to retreat because of the divisions that already broke through and set up posts behind them in their territory. The infantry divisions continue to attack the front-lines occupying them so they don’t establish effective defense, and also so that the forces that have broken through can establish more defensive posts to their rear. These forces will then prepare to take their enemy’s artillery stores. Once this is done their enemy will definitely fall when they run out of ammunition. The infantry forces on the front lines will start to flank their enemy (to the enemy’s left and right) once the front lines are sufficiently weakened. Meanwhile, groups head deeper into enemy territory outflanking more enemy positions ultimately weakening even the confidence of their opponent. With everyone working together, all of the divisions eventually link up completely cutting off the enemy. This is when their opponent will surrender; everyone is taken prisoner, and any supplies th…

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