The Ultimate Hitman

Once upon a time there was an old grumpy unfriendly man named Tim Revs who had no family and wife. He was an extremely rich man. He was a hardcore drug addict and an alcholic. He worked in a law firm called “Sue That Guy by the Watercooler” in Lost Angles, U S A. He was also a former Police Officer. Tim was extremely rich as a result of his part-time job, a hitman. He would get paid anywhere from 50,000 US Dollars or 500,000 US Dollars if he murdered one person. He had a huge arsernal. His arsernal consisted of the most primitive weapons like the bow and arrows, as archery was his only hobby. He also had the most discreet weapons like lethal injections, stabbing knives, small handguns that pop out of the sleeve, state of the art Sniper Rifles which were good to accurately aim and kill someone from a distance of up to a mile as it was computer aimed. Tim got into the hitman business after his wife and two children were sadistically murdered by a terrorist group who he had managed to capture and put behind bars Seven years ago. By now, he was a PRO Hitman. Even though he was a rich person, he enjoyed doing low things like sadistically stabbing or shooting defenceless men, women and children. One night he went out to see a horror movie. After seeing the movie, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he went out with his new 9 mm Desert Eagle Handgun with Laser Sight and sadistically shot 3 people dead in the night. The Police Officers knew that he was guitly but failed to find enough evidence to prove it. So they had to let him go. Another night about two months later, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Tim broke into a Holden and drove away. He was driving at high speed when a Police Cruiser spotted him. The police had a pursuit on their hands. The Cruiser pursued. As the Holden was a performance car, the Cruiser could not catch up. As the old man was an Ex “? Police Officer, he carried a handheld radio eavesd…

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