The trouble makers are often the “cool” ones.

I believe that every family, every couple, every relationship between two or more persons or every group of people who share a particular interest, goals or even the same routine develop a separate world itself. Students in a classroom are a good example of this separate world inside the globe. There you can find any kind of people but they are mostly divided into three different groups. There are those who are always disturbing in class, often called the “trouble makers”. There are the “nerds” who spend their entire lives studying and finally the “average” group which fluctuates between the “trouble makers” and the “nerds”. The trouble makers are often the “cool” ones. You can find them seated at the end of the classroom. They feel a great self-confidence about themselves which make them feel as if they were the greatest ones. These are kids who have a strong character, they are smart with the virtue to learn without studying so much. A common characteristic among this group is that they are always trying to call somebody’s attention, they love to disturb in the middle of a class. For example, if the teacher is explaining something that requires a lot of attention they will interrupt her in order to make some joke or add some unnecessary comment out loud. Josefina was one of the trouble makers in my class. She loved to interrupt the teacher in the middle of an explanation to ask her if we can go to the break earlier or maybe to ask somebody, who was seated at the opposite corner of the room, what time it was. Opposite to the trouble makers, there is another distinctive group commonly known as “the nerds”. These are kids who dedicate their entire lives to study. You can immediately identify this group. They are seated at the front of the classroom, often wearing glasses or tight hair. The trouble makers call them nerds, but in my opinion they are not. They are very…

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