The topic of mechatronics is a very new and emerging aspect of engineering.

The topic of mechatronics is a very new and emerging aspect of engineering. It originated from the Japanese company Yaskawa in 1969. Since the phrase mechatronics was originally coined in Japan the idea has expanded worldwide. The definition of mechatronics varies somewhat from place to place but the general idea remains the same. Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems thinking in the design of products and manufacturing processes. As the world moves forward we continue to look for new ways of improving and enhancing the lifestyles of people through new innovations and production techniques. The continued advancement in technology is creating a growing demand for engineers to become more diverse in their disciplines of study. Traditional engineering is divided into many disciplines such as Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. Mechatronics is then the integration of Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical engineering in the design of products and manufacturing processes. The Venn diagram below illustrates the connection between different disciplines of engineering. The profession of engineering will undergo tremendous change due in part from the new idea of mechatronics. No longer will people be able to specialize solely on computer electrical or mechanical engineering. The demand for engineers in the manufacturing sector who have interdisciplinary skills will continue to grow. Thus causing a need for engineers to incorporate multiple disciplines in their careers. Some of this evolution of engineering is already seen today. For example there has already been a progression towards automation and computer control of simple mechanical systems in many consumer products and the progression is even more evident in manufacturing of theses products. In the future artificial intelligence will be a part of everyday life. Many…

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