The styles of communication

The four styles of communication are as follows. “› Closed: Closed communication can best be defined as a low disclosure and low feedback communication. A person with closed tendencies would prefer to stay and work alone. Closed communicators are people who are hard workers who feel more comfortable working with things than working with people. He will excel at working on jobs without much interaction but will cringe at jobs involving public interaction, like tech support or complaint section. These people are generally reserved and work best with a closed type of boss who lets the employees do what they want. They are too preoccupied in their safety and follow the book most of the times. An example of this style of communication would be a software programmer sitting in his cubicle writing the required programs. He does not like to talk to anyone, shuns public interaction as he sees it as a barrier in doing is work. Also the boss is a closed communicator too and does not impose any strict time rules, as long as the work is done on time. The software programmer works usually at night, when he can avoid pubic interaction totally. “› Blind: This type of communication can be described as a low feedback and high disclosure communication. These people are experts in their field and if a job is to be done, the best way is to employ a blind communicator, who thrives in situations where they have to display their expertise. These people rarely ask for feedback because they are very confident of their abilities, sometimes even being over confident of themselves. People working under blind communicators know exactly where they stand. They are dependable people and are not afraid to exercise authority. They are good teachers but don’t give their employees excessive freedom. Due to the fact that they do not accept much feedback they are very demanding and impatient, always insisting their method is the right one. I know of a professor who…

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