The source of this sinning against him is due to his wife Nora.

In Henrik Ibsen’s novel A Doll’s House, Torvald Helmer, husband of the main character Nora Helmer, is portrayed as one who has been “more sinned against than sinning.” The source of this sinning against him is due to his wife Nora. Torvald is a person who gives great importance to his role in society and to how he is seen by others as a result of his acts, as well as those of his wife and children. He believes that in order to fulfill society’s expectations of a man and be considered the head of his household, he needs to be completely in control, he believes this to the point of considering his dominance as the source of his manhood. Torvald despises the mere tought of financial and moral dependence on anyone, including the financial dependence of any family member, like his father in law. Torvald Helmer lets society dictate the way he and his wife have to behave in order to be considered part of it. He sees himself as the financial provider for the family, and as the head of the house; he thinks he is the only one capable of making decisions that affect the entire family. While the role of Nora, his wife, is to be a proper wife and mother, who takes good care of the children, and who is responsible for their upbringings, and of keeping the house in order, able to fit society’s standards. Torvald Helmer’s feeling of being sinned against are the result of his wife acting in a way different from those standards dictated to her. When he was sick they needed money to go to Italy in order for him to recover, but at the moment they did not posses enough money to pay for the trip; so Nora asked Nils Krogstad to lend her the money by forging her father”s signature, she then told Torvald that she had borrowed that money from her father. Throughout the play Nora tries to keep this as a secret from her husband because she wanted to save him the embarrassment and humiliation, since this will be seen as Torvald’s fault, for no…

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