The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds of nature.

Drip drop, drip drop. The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds of nature. Have you ever wondered where rain comes from? Or why it rains in two places at once? Your questions will all be answered after I tell this short, but true myth. A long, long time ago, in the kingdom of Olympus, Zeus, the impatient, quick-tempered God, ruled all. Everyone that lived in Olympus was immortal, so their lives never ended, they lasted for eternity. Well, in that kingdom lived Hera, Zeus’ wife and the queen. There also lived just a plain immortal, named Theoden. Theoden was a trouble maker, always showing off or begging for attention. He mostly did it because it humored Hera, whom he had liked for centuries. Zeus was aware of his disruption of changing the seasons, turning things alive, and so on. Zeus would never miss a time punishing him, but Theoden would just keep going about being mischievousness. Hera and Theoden started spending more time with each other. They wouldn’t always cause distress on Zeus, but would sometimes just talk, or walk together. Hera realized when she was not with Theoden she felt empty, and when they were together she felt alive, happiness. Hera soon realized her love towards him and loved being with him, even though her real husband was Zeus. Theoden still went on draining lakes, and changing the wind direction, and Zeus soon realized that the punishments were not doing enough. Zeus was very aggravated with him, and wanted to think of a really bad punishment that would affect him throughout his life. He spied on Theoden and saw that he and one of his many wives was in love with him, she was the key to his plan. Zeus’ clever plan was that if Theoden made another mistake it would ban him from Olympus, which would also ban him of every seeing Hera again. Zeus did not tell Theoden of his plan, but instead, warned him of a great consequence that would occur if he disobeyed his ord…

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