The Progressive Era, which was from 1900 to 1917.

Introduction The Progressive Era, which was from 1900 to 1917, was a movement that arose from the response of many causes in society after the industrial technologic boom during this time period. During this Era many reforms had to be made to improve the standard of living and equality among Americans. With these plans for action their will be need for new leadership of the country. Men put in important positions in the United States government would need to become leaders of the working class people, and not servants to big business and lobbyist in congress. The new leadership of the country took action and set forth many different elements of the reform that affected the social, economic, and political views of that time. The actions taken during this time were so important that their effects are still in works today. So, `let’s see what past reforms where made during that time, and how they are similar to their present day existence. Awareness of Issues The progressive impulse began at the local level in the 1880s and only gradually emerged on the national level. The reason for these issues not being noticed or taken into concern at the national level was because the public wasn’t informed of the nations social, economic problems, but the government knew about them, but at this time big business had a large hand in how the government regulated a lot of things. Since poverty, unsafe working conditions, epidemics, and child labor in unhealthy factories were not made known to the public a group of journalist nickname the muckrakers’ arose to inform the public. Journalists like Henry Demarest Lloyd make critical examination of monopolized companies such as Standard Oil Company and documented their practices. Their main purpose was to expose the corruption, and bring the government closer to the people. The Main Reforms of Progressivism The most important political reform for democracy was the direct primar…

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