The Patriarchal society versus the Greek society, are they different or two sides of the same coin.

The Patriarchal society versus the Greek society, are they different or two sides of the same coin. Lets start with Patriarchy; rule by the father or a male authority. It most often refers to the political power and authority of males in a society. Patriarchy can also refer to the power of fathers within families. A society is considered patriarchal when men establish or inherit a social order where they dominate positions of power and authority or when important achievements and historical events are attributed to the actions of men. In the United States the men who signed the Constitution are referred to as “founding fathers.” (1) A society may also be considered patriarchal when the heads of households or leaders of the country must possess conventionally accepted male attributes, such as physical strength or aggressive behavior to gain and keep their positions. In early history, many Western thinkers believed that male dominance was the natural or God-given order of society. That belief declined after the 18th century, particularly with the advent of the women’s rights movement. (1) The United States today, patriarchal views still exist. For example the role as President, though it is true that any woman can run for the presidency, it is however very slim that she will win. It’s also important to look at Equal Opportunity in the work place. A secretary position is allocated for a woman, while they give higher positions to the men and his secretary is responsible to make sure all the important day-to-day tasks are meet. hh The Greek society, The city-state was generally a form of shared social and political organization based on the concept of citizenship, which guaranteed a shared identity, rights, and responsibilities to a city-state’s free men and women. Citizenship sharply divided free men and women from slaves and foreigners. Citizenship made free men, regardless of their social status or wea…

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