The one thing that is inevitable is change.

“The one thing that is inevitable is change” Everywhere we look, everywhere we go, everyday we live there is change. Whether it be external change, physically in our environment or a person’s physical concept and appearance. Or internally with someone’s mental and psychological state. Without the concept of change nothing would grow and nothing would be learnt as time passes by. The poem sky high written by Hannah Roberts uses a variety of devices, which give the reader a perspective on the changes that take place within the story. The writer centers her idea on an adult who is reflecting back on her childhood when she used to climb the clothesline in the family backyard. The clothesline is described as having large skeletal arms that cast long shadows on the lawn, with a concrete mound and a basket of clothes pegs adorning its trunk. Later in the story she connects back to the past by drawing a comparison of what the clothesline was like then, compared to when the ageing process has taken its tole on the clothesline and its surroundings describing it as age warped, with sagging wires and old spotted metallic arms. This portrays the external side of the ageing process, which is a major change that takes place in everyone’s life. Another element used to portray changing self was the shifting between past tense when reflecting on her childhood and present tense as she has aged and is now an adult. The quote “there are to many things tying me to the ground” aids the reader in understanding that with age and maturity comes more responsibilities to show others right from wrong and the dangers involved with taking risks such as climbing on the clothesline. Another perspective is the physical side of things tying the woman to the ground including less mobility and reduced physical power. The woman’s appearance is also shown to be wearied by age when in the past her smooth youthful hands have now been transformed slowly …

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