The Merchant of the Death

Bobby Pendragon is a fourteen-year-old boy with a normal life until his uncle came to him, asking desperately for help. Uncle Press took him away to a territory called Denduron, which is a medieval world where the gentle Milago are enslaved by the Bedoowan, and it’s Bobby’s mission to save them and to save the world. Uncle Press tells him that he is a “traveller”, which means someone that can ride “flumes” through time and space and soon he realizes he must save Denduron from an evil traveller. If the evil traveler, Saint Dane, is able to cause war between two tribes on planet Earth. Therefore, he teams up with Loor, a girl of his age from the warrior territory of Zadaa and other travelers, they try hard to stop Saint Dane and the two tribes from clashing. I admire the character Bobby the most because of his righteousness, despite the fact that he wanted to escape back to Earth once he arrived Denduron. However, when he understood if the evil traveler, St Dane, is able to cause wars between 2 tribes on the planet Denduron, the whole universe will be destroyed, Bobby came up with all sorts of ideas in order to help the Milago. From the teenage that never satisfied with a thing in Denduron, he became the leader of the revolution, the saviour of the planet Denduron, and even the Earth. I also admire the persistence that the character Loor had. Loor and her mother never succeeded in saving the Milago before Bobby arrived, nevertheless they hadn’t even thought of giving the Milago up. However, Loor’s mother got killed when they tried to save the Milago once with Bobby, that didn’t stop Loor’s strong desire to revolt the freedom of the Milago. …

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