The Mask You Live In and/or “Miss Representation.”

Watch “The Mask You Live In” and/or “Miss Representation.” These documentaries explore the ways gender socialization impact boys and men (in the Mask film) and gender stereotypes (in Miss Representation). These can be found at video stores or streamed through Netflix, etc. FCS 101 SPRING 2016 EXTRA CREDIT INSTRUCTIONS *PLEASE refer to this information before submitting each extra credit. There are several options you can partake in to gain extra credit this semester. Each opportunity is worth UP TO 5 points extra credit (depending on the quality of your write-up). You can earn up to 15 points extra credit total this semester (meaning you can get credit for a maximum of 3 opportunities that you choose). NOTE: As extra credit is EXTRA, I will get to grading it when I can, but it is not my top priority. If you received a confirmation that you successfully submitted it, then you can assume that I have received it. EXTRA CREDIT WRITE-UPS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED IN THE DROP BOX IN D2L. Create your write up in a WORD, PDF, or HTML document, then upload it into the dropbox. These should be no longer than ONE PAGE. Be sure to put your name, date, AND COURSE NUMBER on your write-up to submit and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW TO GET CREDIT. ***NOTE: You MUST tie in the material somehow to human development. If you do not, you will not get credit…: 2. Attend relevant movies/lectures put on by the MSU Leadership Institute or other film/lecture opportunities that I post throughout the semester. Then you need to write one page briefly describing the film you watched and some specific developmental issues the main character or other characters from the film face in the movie, or that the lecturer spoke about. You need to be brief, yet specific in applying SOMETHING from development and the course to the film/lecture. Submit your write up by the following Tuesday to receive 5 extra credit points per film/lecture.

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