The main task of arbitration is to resolve the international commercial disputes.

The main task of arbitration is to resolve the international commercial disputes. That is why the case about the mail-order company is definitely for arbitration. The fatal mistake caused a quarrel between different companies. On the one hand customers do not agree to forget the advantageous offer and really do want their orders to be honoured. On the other hand the mail-order company understands the mistake, but at the same time it is impossible to take the orders without getting financial crisis afterwards. Moreover this conflict may appear both on the international and local levels. To my mind the mail-order company should try to keep these disputes away from the public eyes just not to lose the reputation. The administration should find out who has made the mistake and how long the wrong price offer was seen on the web page. I definitely do not mean that the person who was not attentive should be fired, but the administration of the company must know whether it was really a mistake or a purposeful action. Actually, the administration may fail to find the person in the company, as in the common world there are cases when the fault is on the hackers who unlock the web pages and change the information there. Then it would be the case not only for the arbitration, but also for the police, and the company would bring justification during the litigation. At the same time the administration should make an effort to slow down the conflict and try to assure the customers not to turn to the arbitration. Maybe it would be possible for the company to offer some other low-price goods, or bay a sum of money as a fine. But if they fail to do it and the customers turn to the arbitration anyway, the administration only has to wait, because it is in the arbitration’s right to opt how to find the balance between the sides’ interests. The arbitration may consider the offer to be a contract, and this would be probably t…

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