The King of Torts, a young trial lawyer at the OPD becomes involved with mass tort litigation

In Grisham’s newest book, The King of Torts, a young trial lawyer at the OPD becomes involved with mass tort litigation. Clay Carter was just a simple man, who always got stuck with murder cases, but his next case seems a little different. Not motive, and many witnesses. It just doesn’t add up. When Clay gets a tip on the case from a mysterious man named Max Pace, his life will change forever. A “firefighter,” Max Pace, recruits Carter to keep clients in the D.C. area quiet about a drug code named Tarvan. This drug, in some cases, causes the patient to become a killer. Clay’s latest case is one of the patients taking Tarvan. Pace supplies Clay with an office building and suggests some staff. Carter immediately leaves the OPD for this new, shiny office and about a million dollars in case dues. Meanwhile, Clay has just lost his long-time girlfriend, and possible fianc?Ÿ??, Rebecca Van Horn, because of her rich parents, who hated him. Clay, thinking that he could impress her, is even more motivated by Pace’s suggestion at big money. But shocking news comes later. Rebecca is engaged already! Clay switches clients, from the defendant to the plaintive. He wraps up the cases quickly, and earns around $15 million. Clay was content to sit back and rest awhile, but Max was all ready to throw another case in his lap. This time it’s a drug called Dyloft. This drug was for arthritis. Yet in about five percent of the patients develop tumors in their bladder. This throws Clay in with multi-million dollar mass tort lawyer Patton French. Once Clay teams up with French, he begins to forget much of his common sense. He buys a private jet, a yacht, and many other unnecessary items of great wealth. He even hooks up with an ex-lingerie model, Ridley, from the country of Georgia to make Rebecca jealous. Sometime after the Dyloft cases had been settled, other tumors began to pop up in some of the benign clients’ bl…

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