The Internet has more information than you can find in about a million books.

The Internet is probably the best invention in the last twenty years. The Internet has more information than you can find in about a million books. While many people used the Internet for informational things, today in the year 2002, kids are taking over. To this day kids all over the world are more knowledgeable than adults when it comes to using and finding information on the Internet. Numerous parents presume that the Internet is good for their children because of the many acquired facts one can find. Parents also believe that the Internet keeps their children out of the streets where they can easily get into trouble. What many parents do not realize is that the Internet is just as dangerous as the outside world. For one, the Internet does not restrict anything. Moreover, kids today use the Internet so they can communicate electronically with friends. This can be bad because there are a lot of crazy people out there and they won’t hesitate to do something to whomever they meet online. “Grunwald Associates, a marketing research and consulting firm, announced in June 2000 that Internet use by children ages 2 to 17 has tripled since 1997″ (Bushong 12). The use of the Internet has gone up tremendously is because many kids do not have much to do after school. Countless parents actually view this as a good thing because they at least know where their kids are in the afternoon. What they are not aware of is that their children have unlimited access to a lot of corrupt information. For instance, your child might be a fan of the WB network’s “Charmed”, a television show for teenagers about three sisters with magical powers. The teenager might be looking for sights on the show and decides to type the word Charmed on the search engine. Innocently, they could click on one of the sites. Instead of the site being about the show, they come to find out that it is about learning witchcraft or people trying to get you to j…

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