The Innovation of technology

The Innovation of Technolgy Technology has been mandatory for human existance. It’s unseemingly possible to claim that it wasn’t, no matter how advanced the technology was its proved time after time (in my opinion) to be our greatest benefactor in the construction of the new world and the maintainment of the old world. The milieu we live in now is more advanced and the technolgy we possess is seemingly limitless. But it wasn’t always this way, it took many many centuries, and hundreds and thousands of hit and misses. Im going to explain the devlopement of our New World by clarifying the events and innovations from the old world. The European settlers arrived by large vessels and ships, they were usually comfortable and sea worthy. They were able to arrive relatively easy but nothing could prepare them for the hardships they were destined to endure. they were forced to start anew with all their amenities behind them death, disease, unbearable wheather, and famine were all they came to know. This was a wake up call for the settlers they came to rely on their old world technologies. They had plenty of virgin land they used the trees to produce settlements and used the newly cleared land for cultivation. After the harnested the old technologies came to be, naturally evolution took place they established a government whose definition was to restrain competition for wealth within its jurusdiction. The main purpose the government was created was to prevent “the condition of war of everyone against everyone”. Governments motivated exportation and dissuaded any sort of importation this came to be known as mercantilism or the mercantile theory. Many towns and cities were constructed, they came to depend on mills for the preperation of goods soon the laborious tasks of mills were made obsolete by the developement of watermills. Watermills were more productive and made a use of the New Worlds plentiful streams and rivers. Major…

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