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Post your thoughts about the impact of your learning in this course by responding to the prompts above. Then, pose a question or challenge you would like your Walden colleagues to answer or address. You have come a long way in this course from considering how to build a culture of accountability to developing an evaluation plan for a professional development program. In doing so, you have accumulated a wealth of resources and examples to bring to your future work. You have also been supported by the experiences, input, and feedback of your Walden colleagues and your Learning Team. It is often the lessons learned and helpful tips from colleagues that can make the difference in your work. This week, you will share with your Walden colleagues some of the guiding principles and takeaways  that you will carry with you from this course. Consider this week s video programs featuring professional development experts and practitioners sharing their advice and reflecting on their successes and challenges. Also, think about other aha moments  you have had in this course. With this in mind, reflect on the following: What insights from professional development experts and practitioners in this course resonate most with you and your experiences in your school and district? How has your perception of your role changed or been reaffirmed as a result of your learning in this course? What guiding principles or takeaways  will have the greatest impact on your practice as an evaluator of professional development? What immediate actions are you starting to implement in your school or district related to evaluating professional development? What have you already initiated based on the work you have completed in this course? What stakeholders do you plan to engage in your school or district to have the greatest impact on evaluating professional development? Finally, consider any unanswered questions, challenges, or dilemmas that you still have. Formulate one or more questions you would like your colleagues to help you answer related to professional development evaluation.

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