The Importance of an Honest Self-Assessment

The Importance of an Honest Self-Assessment It is not at all uncommon these days to hear people express dissatisfaction with their careers. But we also know those who find their profession to be a rewarding experience. What separates these groups? Why does someone that spent years and a significant amount of money attaining a specialized degree find themselves unhappy working in that field? Part of the answer lies in how well we know ourselves. There are a variety of tools available to help us gain some insight into how we prefer to learn and work. The key to using these tools is to be honest and keep an open mind. After completing the different surveys and updating my self-assessment, I realize that most of my strengths are in working with a well-defined organization. I find myself wondering if this is what drew me to the military or was it a result of that career choice. Professionally my greatest strength is my ability to translate basic guidance into a functional plan and put it into action. A strong sense of duty keeps me focused to complete tasks. Communicating effectively with different groups of people comes easily to me. Remaining flexible enough to allow for changes without loss of momentum is something I’ve learned over the years. Being able to draw on a large and diverse experience base is helpful in all of these areas. The down side to working in such a structured environment is that sometimes new and innovative ideas are resisted so I only use proven strategies. It also becomes “comfortable” after awhile and I find myself only doing what is necessary, not seeking development beyond my current position. I often use the need to be flexible as an excuse not to keep a written schedule . 2 Academically, my practical experiences give me some insight into how to apply knowledge to different situations. Training in requesting and evaluating feedback should help me refine new skills. I…

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