The impact of medical technology on breast cancer in Iran and its effect on patients outcome.

The impact of medical technology on breast cancer in Iran and its effect on patients outcome. Notice – This Literature Review should be written for 3300 words. – Accurate interpretation of theories and ideas from a range of resources. – Compare, Analysis and synthesis of ideas that demonstrate engagement with educational issues. – Quality of written expression, mastery of APA citation conventions and layout. – APA 6 referencing should be used. -A well-structured and coherent piece of writing that meets academic requirements. – Turnitin should be less than 15% The assessment criteria for the essay, (Essay Content: analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information) – The science/mathematics/technology aspect of the topic is clearly and thoroughly described; -Clear and balanced analysis of the socio-political or economic context; – Proposals for education are well considered and defended; – Good expression, coherence & flow; The best way to do this is to follow the instructions for the essay: Within the theme of contemporary science, technology and society, choose a particular aspect of science, mathematics and/or technology and -Describe the science, mathematics and/or technology aspect of the topic; (it should not be too much words) -Examine the social context of the science, mathematics or technology. This includes presenting a balanced analysis of the various social, political or economic views; – Propose and defend the consequences of your analysis for education, either at school or tertiary level, or in the public media.

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