The History of buddhism

The History of Buddhism Buddhism has been regarded by many as a Philosophy of life rather than a religion. Thus, it is important to understand the foundations of the Buddhist religion in order to attain a clear understanding. Buddhism began with the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama who was the first Buddha, or “enlightened one.” He lived in Northern India and was brought up in a wealthy family. As such, he had many luxuries that most could not afford. Gautama rejected the life that he had and set out as a wanderer, leaving everything behind. By renouncing, he chose to leave his home in search for a spiritual life. During this journey he wandered from place to place with no food, clothing or shelter. Along the journey there were various meditation techniques used to find deeper meaning in the world. After the death of Buddha, the creation of the Buddhist scriptures came to be written by his noble followers. The first recitation of the scriptures took place about three months after the death of the Buddha. Approximately 500 arhats gathered and took part in a comunal recitation. Upon their remembrance of Buddha’s teachings, two fundamental principles were established. The first was regarded as the general discourses of Buddhism and the second was the discipline. The problem that arose was that the scriptures were written in a post hoc manner. There were no records of any scriptures while Buddha was actually alive. Thus there is no true accuracy in the accounts mentioned. Dharma One fundamental teaching is that of Dharma. This is considered to be the truths in life. It is also an ideal that is held. This is the pure way of life. Dharma his attained by that which arises from listening, reflection and spiritual practice. The four Truths Buddhism is regarded as having four truths, which are the nature of suffering, the truth of the nature of its cause, the truth of the nature of its cessation and the truth …

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