The Hip-Hop Generation: Abandoning the American Dream.

The Hip-Hop Generation: Abandoning the American Dream Bakari Kitwana, author of The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture, describes in detail what he believes to be at the root of the problem when dealing with blacks in the United States. Are blacks truly victims of society’s reality? Kitwana’s opinion is troubling and it can be said that his opinions are disturbing to people’s ideals. In his book, Kitwana paints a gruesome picture of African American men and women. He tells of how blacks are incarcerated at a much higher rate than those of white men and women and how drug use and suicide have become larger problems for blacks than they had been in the past. Only until the tides are turned in a positive light for black Americans, according to Kitwana, will the oppression and restrictions on black culture subside. What is troubling about Kitwana’s vision of America and the hip-hop generation is that it is backed by statistics. For example, when discussing employment in the United States, whites holding a four year college degree account for 31.9% of the workforce, while 15.3% of blacks have the same level of education (Kitwana, 28). The percentage may not seem as though it is highly unbalanced, but the difference of seven million people between the two groups puts it in perspective. Kitwana argues his ideas with statistics that raise a valuable debate – the concern for black Americans in society today. It is evident through numerous reports that blacks are often considered a targeted group by the justice system. They are arrested at higher rates, convicted at higher rates, and sentenced to longer prison terms. Many people, more so from other racial groups, are oblivious to the statistics involving the high number of black men and women in trouble with the juvenile justice system. Is it because they are believed to commit crimes at higher rates? Or is it because they ar…

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