The “glass ceiling” is an issue that basically arose from a movement by feminists groups.

The “glass ceiling” is an issue that basically arose from a movement by feminists groups to establish a 50/50 ratio of men to women that hold top executive positions in American firms. The claim was that is was “unfair” that white males dominated the top positions. Although at the time this was absolutely true and this continues to be the case today. However, the claims by these groups are nothing more than positions without logical facts, and purely anecdotal. On the surface this does seem to be an unfair issue for women and minorities but the “unfairness” has little to do with the appointing practices of American firms. For example, our text presents the issue in this manner by suggesting that, “The problems women and minorities have with winning promotions to senior management positions gave rise to the glass ceiling (Rue and Byars 9). The authors continue by stating the glass ceiling is “the invisible barrier that prevents women and minorities from moving up in the world of business” (Rue and Byars 9). In fact, the problem is not “an invisible barrier” that shrouds corporate America, but a completely separate problem in our society. No one can be na?Ÿ??ve enough to think some discrimination does not occur in the top hierarchy of American firms. However, it is not the single cause preventing women and minorities from reaching these positions. It can be said that minorities do not reach the top positions equally. However, it is very important to determine the extent of equality. There is a plethora of statistics that indicate this “unfair” concept in terms of minority pay and positions. The term “glass ceiling” does not apply to obtaining a certain position. The “glass ceiling” is an obstacle that must be overcome long before entry into corporate America. For example, statistics found at the Breaking the Glass Ceiling Organization clearly show a difference between white males, female…

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